Building Evacuation & Disaster Meeting Locations

Building Evacuation

Read the Building Evacuation Plan posted in classrooms or information in your WWU Departmental Safety Information Book located in departmental offices.

  • Evacuate the building immediately.
    • If others do not respond to the alarm or do not know of the evacuation, inform them of the need to evacuate immediately.
    • When evacuating, do not delay to gather belongings, etc. from the building. Only take immediately available items (coats, books, wallets) with you as time allows.
    • Use stairways.
  • Never use elevators
  • When outside, stay a safe distance from the building (100’) and out of the way of emergency personnel. Go to the building evacuation location (identified on the cover of this guide).
  • Seek out Building Coordinator (red vest) to provide any information on persons remaining in the building or other info. 
  • Remain away from the building unless you are told to re-enter or receive other directions from the fire department, University Police, Building Coordinator (red vest), or Floor Warden (orange vest).
  • Stay with classmates, fellow University employees, etc., so that a head count may be taken.

Persons with Disabilities

Persons with disabilities are encouraged to review the Emergency Evacuation Guidelines for Persons with Disabilities.

This document may be found on the Emergency Management website and contains information on the following options for persons with disabilities

  • Evacuate to the outside or to another building
  • Go to a designated area: Evacuate to the inside of a contained stairwell
  • Stay in place: Remain in the room. Call University Police at (360) 650-3911 or 911

Actions If Trapped

  • Call University Police at (360) 650-3911 or 911. Report your location and situation.
  • Go to a window if available, and signal emergency personnel by waving, or by hanging a large sign in the window.
  • If smoke is present, stay low, cover your face with a wet cloth and place fabric around door cracks to keep smoke out.

Major Disaster Assembly Locations

Go to one of three major disaster assembly areas for information and assistance in case of a major disaster affecting multiple buildings.

  1. Old Main Lawn
  2. South Campus Oval at Communications Facility
  3. Field north of tennis courts below the Campus Services Building